Glam Rock Chic

Clara Bow earrimgs
Jute . Braveheart necklace
Braveheart necklace
Gallatic necklace
Fergie wears Gallactic necklace for Outspoken perfume for Avon.
Brandon Caffey photography
Croc Campaign with Scarlett Lash. Long Haul necklace, Handle w/Care cuff, Hoopla
Tubeway Army necklace. Gunmetal
Long Haul necklace
Tubeway Army. Blk/Gunmetal
Handle w/Care cuff.
Hoopla Hoops
Kinky B necklace
Tubeway Army. Gold/Gold
Tubeway Army necklaces. Gold /Silver/gunmetal
Tubeway Army necklaces.
Circle of life necklaces. Stacked. Gold/silver/gunmetal
Circle of Life necklaces
Circle of Life necklace. Black/gunmetal
Circle of Life necklace. Gold/Gold
Circle of Life necklace, Silver/crystal
HHW Style feature. Circle of Life necklace/Hoopla earrings/ Bovver Girl knuckle
Jute magazine. Claw Ur way Up necklace shown
Claw ur Way Up necklace
Long Haul necklace
Ring -1279. Clawry Days ring
Croc campaign. Long Haul necklace & Hoopla earring shown
Teen Prom magazine. Bovver Girl hand knuckleduster shown
Bovver Girl Hand  knuckleduster. Brass/crystal
Clara Bow necklace
Tubeway Army. Gold/Gold
Josephine Baker necklace
Rudy Valentino glove
Mae West earrings
Pola Negri earrings.
Bovver hand knuckleduster & Claw ur Way Up cuff shown. Hat by Punk Kouture
Clara Bow necklace & Josephine Baker necklaces shown
Jean Harlow necklace
M.Dietrich necklace
Belt Up. Tube & Chain belt
HHW magazine model wears Belt Up  belt in silver
Layered on Me necklace
Laced with Love. Cuff with attached spike/heart ring
Daisy Fuentes. Stick with Me earrings shown
Spiky Fringe necklace
Stick with Me earrings. Also in Rose gold/silver/gunmetal.
Press Stud necklace
Crucify Me necklace
Hot Love & Peace cocktail Ring
Crucify Me & Press stud necklaces shown
Braveheart necklace
Warrior Queen necklace
Anntoinette necklace
Studly necklace
Biker Chick necklace
Hoopla Hoops
Kinky B necklace
Going Spiral earrings. Also in Silver/crystal
Talonted earings. Silver/silver
Talonted earrings. Gold/gold
Passive Aggressive hand knuckleduster. Leather/crystal
Bovver hand knuckleduster. Silver/crystal
Bovver hand knuckleduster. Baby pink crystal/Brass
Massai Mara choker necklaces.
Massai Mara necklace. Stacked
Stick with Me necklace
Stick With Me necklace. Gold/Rose Gold/Silver/Gunmetal
Bovver Girl Hand knuckleduster. Brass/crystal/baby pink shown
Massai Mara necklace. Gold/blk chain on tan leather
Massai Mara necklace. Blk/gold/leather

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